Mel Verez


Pop / Rock / Jazz  Vocal Coaching

“Every vocal student needs different explanations and instructions. There is potential in everybody – I will help you to find your spot and live your potential."

In her 10 years experience in vocal coaching, Mel Verez has developed her own way of teaching by combining structures of “CVT” with her individual, empathic and pedagogical approach.
Experience & Education:
Jazz & Pop Vocal Diploma in 2013 at the Vienna Conservatory
2020: Masters degree study  MusicManagement at Danube University Krems
Vocal Lecturer at the VMI – Conservatory in Vienna since 2017
Touring in China, England, Hungary, Germany;
Working as a professional singer and songwriter for over 10 years
Studio experience with (Alex Kahr (Christina Stürmer), Ludwig Coss (MG Sound), Thomas Mora, Victor Gangl; Collaborations and shared stage with The Teddy Blackwood Imperials (Elvis), Hubert Tubbs (Tower ofPower),
Big John Whitfield, Random Trip, Hallucination Company;


Wien, Österreich

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Wien, Österreich